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Male infertility

What is “male infertility“, why does a person become infertile, when it is necessary to consult a doctor, how diagnostics of male infertility is carried out, which can be the treatment of men infertility?

Male infertility – the inability of a man to fertilize a woman. The male factor of infertility in a pair is 50% – as much as in female. Although, in the recent decades, experts have noted the growth of male infertility, more and more men of reproductive age need medical care to become parents. If your pregnancy does not occur within 1 year or you are over the age of 30-35 years – within 6 months, you should seek specialized care.

The male reproductive system is quite vulnerable. In principle, a man can become a father virtually at any age, in reality his reproductive capacity depends on a number of internal and external factors that make up his life.

For fertilization of a woman, safe pregnancy and the birth of a healthy child, active, mobile, viable spermatozoa without genetic pathology are needed. Spermatozoa should also be freely derived from the penis, that is, the normal structure of the genital organs is important and the absence of complications with erection and ejaculation.

Inflammatory diseases of the genital system and small pelvis, endocrine disorders, sexually transmitted diseases, regular effects of high or low temperatures, hypodynamia can lead to a disorder of spermatogenesis – the formation of spermatozoa – a decrease in their quantity and quality, and the pathology of sperm. Male infertility is often the result of the man’s inattentive attitude to his health.

Congenital abnormalities in the development of the organs of the sexual system, injuries, sexual disorders can also lead to a diagnosis of “male infertility.” What prevents you from becoming a parent  can only be determined through a comprehensive examination of the body.

Diagnostics of male infertility in the clinic of Professor Stefan Khmil

  • • primary andrological and urological examination ;
  • • spermogram;
  • • MAR-test;
  • • DNA fragmentation of spermatozoa;
  • • blood test for the level of hormones;
  • • karyotyping;
  • • ultrasound examination of the scrotum, prostate gland, doplerometry (by appointment of a physician).

Most examinations are absolutely painless. The effectiveness of the analysis is high, that can detect the diseases / pathologys and choose the optimal method of treatment of male infertility.

Treatment of male infertility is selected individually, taking into account the results of the diagnosis, the characteristics of the body of the man. For the normalization of male fertility and reproductive function, the Clinic of Professor Stefan Hmil uses Italian medications Spergin Q10 to improve spermatogenesis, erectile function and for preparation for extracorporal fertilization.

Diagnostics and treatment of male infertility – are the tasks that the doctors of the Clinic are successfully coping with. We do our best to make every man a father, regardless of the reason that led him to the diagnosis of “male infertility.”

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