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Oocyte donation (egg donation)

Donation of oocytes (eggs) is the only chance for many couples and single women to give birth to a child.

Indications for IVF using donor eggs:

♦ absence of oocytes due to natural menopause;
♦ syndrome of premature ovarian failure;
♦ state after ovariectomy, radio or chemotherapy;
♦ anomalies of genital organs (dysgenesis of gonads, Shereshevsky-Turner syndrome);
♦ the risk of transmission of hereditary diseases associated with the sex (hemophilia, muscular dystrophy, ichthyosis, Charcot–Marie–Tooth disease);
♦unsuccessful repeated attempts of IVF (4 or more) with insufficient ovarian response to induction of superovulation, repeated retrieval of low-quality embryos.

Oocyte donors necessarily pass a thorough physical exam. There is an opportunity to choose the appropriate donor for the blood group, the Rh factor, and also for the phenotypic features (color of eyes, color of hair, height).

Our clinic uses oocytes of women who deliberately give their eggs to help couples who want to have a baby. In this case, there is complete anonymity both regarding the donor and the future parents. In addition, non-anonymous donation of oocytes is possible, when a relative or friend of a recipient acts as a donor.

In terms of recipients of donor oocytes, the program looks like this:

♦ selection of the appropriate oocyte donor (egg donation)
♦ synchronization of donor and recipient cycles (in case of the presence the menstrual cycle of the recipient)
♦ Hormone stimulation of the oocyte donor – is needed to get more oocytes
♦ puncture of mature follicles to get the oocytes
♦ fertilization of received donor oocytes by sperm of a husband of recipient , cultivation of received embryos within 3-5 days
♦ transfer of one or two of the best embryos to the recipient’s uterus, cryopreservation of the remaining good quality embryos, control of the onset of pregnancy.


♦ age from 20 to 32 years;
♦ presence of a healthy child, documented;
♦ absence of negative phenotypic manifestations;
♦ satisfactory somatic health;
♦ absence of contraindications for participation in the program;
♦ absence of hereditary diseases;
♦ absence of bad habits.


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