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Natural Cycle IVF is a fertilization method in which almost no medicine is used.

When conducting IVF in a non-stimulated cycle, there is no risk of ovarian hyperstimulation syndrome (OHSS), a multiple pregnancy is rare. However, this method is less effective. The percentage of onset of pregnancy per cycle is lower than with the traditional IVF. This is partly due to premature ovulation, and in 10-15% we can not get an egg cell. The next reason is that only one ovum can be fertilized. But when conducting IVFs (in the natural cycle), on average only 80% of the egg cells can be fertilized, the percentage of pregnancy with it, of course, decreases. Nevertheless, the huge advantage is almost complete absence of risk. Only an insignificant and simple procedure of taking egg cells presents a certain risk (at least theoretically). On the whole, the entire cycle is not difficult.

Do not use antagonists or gonadolybirin agonists. The problem of premature ovulation is easily solved by taking certain medications. However, there is a need for frequent ultrasound and hormonal tests.

The egg cells can be taken without anesthesia (if it is desired – under local anesthesia). Since there is no cystic ovarian enlargement that occurs during hormonal stimulation, this procedure can be performed without difficulty over the next few cycles. Also, it should not be forgotten that such cycles are much cheaper than stimulated, but the incidence of pregnancy after embryo transfer (one embryo) with a probability of 20% for each embryo transfer is usually lower than with the “normal IVF”, in which 2 – 3 embryos. But you will feel that in a mental and physical terms such a cycle will be for you the least burdensome.

Which women are eligible for IVF / ICSI in the natural cycle?

♦ Women for whom, the use of hormonal stimulation for various reasons is contraindicated or had a negative experience
♦ Women with an increased risk of ovarian hyperstimulation syndrome (OHSS)
♦ Patients who are poorly responsive to hormonal stimulation
♦ For women who have received hormonal stimulation and receiving only 1-3 egg cells
♦ “Women with unsuccessful implantation”, that are patients who had good embryos in the traditional IVF, but no implantation.

If the IVF method in the natural cycle is not possible then the IVF + ICSI is used.

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