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Ultrasound of the kidneys

Ultrasound of the kidneys is a modern method of diagnosing various diseases of the kidneys and genitourinary system of a person. With the help of an ultrasound, it is possible to evaluate the structure of the kidney and renal vessels.

During the ultrasound of the kidneys, specialists identify the topography, evaluate their structure and size, the presence of malignant formations and determine their size, anatomy, as well as the condition of the calyx system.

Basic indications for kidney ultrasound:

♦ Changes in clinical urine tests;
♦ Pain in the lumbar region;
♦ Renal colic;
♦ Various injuries;
♦ Presence of kidney tumors;
♦ Evaluation of the condition of the transplanted kidney;
♦Acute and chronic specific and non-specific inflammatory diseases;
♦ Frequent pressure increase;
♦ Preventive health examination.

With the aid of ultrasound, you can find:

♦ urolithiasis;
♦ benign tumors of the kidneys;
♦ malignant tumors of the kidneys;
♦ kidney structure;
♦ cysts;
♦ abscesses

Most often with the help of an ultrasound, you can learn about abnormalities of the development of ureter and kidney, as well as about inflammatory diseases such as purulent lesion of the kidneys, chronic and acute pyelonephritis.

If a patient suffers from urolithiasis, an ultrasound examination reveals concrements and dilation of the urinary tract.

When stones occur in the kidneys, the size of the stone, its location and changes in the structure of the kidney are determined by ultrasound.

Examination Technique

Diagnostics of kidney by ultrasound is absolutely harmless and painless. The procedure is performed both in the lying position and in the standing position. Kidneys are perfectly visualized without any preparing. The examination is carried out by a sensor in parallel, longitudinal, transverse, and oblique planes of the abdomen – transabdominal access, on the back – it is translumbar access, as well as in the front plane when the patient’s position on the right or left side.

In the Clinic of Professor Stephan Khmil the ultrasound examination is carried out by the specialists with vast experience in diagnostics and treating urological diseases.  After the examination, you can consult with the urologist.

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