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Ultrasound of the bladder

The main indications for ultrasound examination of the bladder are:

♦ disorders associated with urination (such as accelerated urination, blood presence, or urinary retention)
♦ the appearance in patients complaints or symptoms, which are suggesting possible diseases of the urinary tract. Also, ultrasound allow to detect the failure of ovaries in women, prostate cancer in men;
♦ the results of laboratory and clinical tests that have identified some deviations (of course, if these deviations may relate to the genitourinary system).

With the help of an ultrasound examination, the doctor determines the size, shape and location of the organ in the body. In this case, the doctor evaluates its functional capacity and tries to find possible dysfunctions.

During the diagnostic process, the doctor determines the probability of different tumors occurring. It is very important to determine precisely the size and shape of the tumor (in order to prescribe the necessary treatment).

Ultrasound examination helps to identify the primary cause, which led to a malfunction of the urinary system. In most cases, the cause is urolithiasis.

Ultrasound of the bladder helps to detect:

♦ presence of stones, their size and density;
♦ presence of tumors and their size;
♦ presence of foreign bodies in the body;
♦ the possibility of passing urine on to the ureter;
♦ presence of diverticulosis of the walls;
♦ presence of the inflammatory process.

To prepare the bladder for ultrasound, it must be filled. In other words, it is necessary to drink a large amount of water. The volume of the bladder should be 250-350 ml. It is necessary in order to perform the examination with greater accuracy and efficiency. You can use two methods to fill. In the first case, it is enough for the patient to drink about 1.5 liters of water in two hours before the examination. In the second case, it is necessary to refrain from urination for 4-6 hours.

Ultrasound is a diagnostic procedure that is as harmless as possible for patients and does not cause pain at all. The patient receives his ultrasound results immediately on the day of examination. Only the fullest obtained results of the state of health of the patient allows the doctor to prescribe further effective treatment.

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