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Ultrasonographic examination of the uterine cervix

Ultrasonography of the cervix has several advantages among other methods.

The ultrasound exam is completely safe. This exam can always be repeated if necessary.

Indications for ultrasound exam of the cervix

Ultrasonography of the cervix is ​​urgently needed:

♦ with persistent pain in women at the bottom of the abdomen;
♦ in the treatment, which continues for a long time (in fact, it is necessary to track the dynamics);
♦ during pregnancy;
♦ Suspected of having tumorous processes.

In the latter case, the research serves as monitoring. This is very important because the ultrasound allows you to establish both the presence of the disease and its stage, which is very important for treatment.

Many women are unaware of the disease of the cervix, because often there is no symptoms. Unusual secretions and unpleasant feelings that appear after sexual intercourse are symptoms that require immediate contact with a gynecologist.

Ultrasonography of the cervix is ​​made to obtain more objective and accurate data on the health of the patient, without excluding, of course, a routine examination. The doctors of our clinic are of the opinion that the ultrasound examination is the determining factor in the diagnostics of women in gynecology. In modern medicine, concepts of medical ultrasound and gynecology are inseparable.

About the ultrasonography: principles and practice

In the Clinic of Professor Stephan Khmil ultrasound of the cervix is ​​carried out using Doppler color flow mapping. This makes it possible to see even the smallest vessels.

The procedure for ultrasound examination of the cervix is absolutely painlessly.

Specialists of the clinic determine the size of the cervix, also analyzes the grade of contact with the tissues surrounding the cervix.

Why it is better to do it in our clinic?

Our clinic uses quality and advanced equipment, and highly skilled professionals with vast experience in the field will pay maximum attention for you.

To sign up for a reception or to receive consultation in advance, call the Clinic of Professor Stephan Khmil.

Dear madams! The Clinic of Professor Stephan Khmil will do the best and wants you to be healthy, because it’s the greatest wealth!

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