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Preconception checkup

In many countries of the world there is a tradition that a couple who decide to get married have to undergo a medical examination. Until recently, women have come to the gynecologist only to be registered on the occasion of pregnancy. Today, common sense wins in most cases, and married couples in advance begin to prepare for the most responsible step in life – the birth of a child.

The couple who is preparing for pregnancy should undergo a full medical examination before fertilization, in order to prevent potential problems in the future. Therefore, if you plan to start a family and in the future have a baby, you need to worry about the normal course of pregnancy in advance, and in the future – about the health of the baby.

In Ukraine, since 2002, a resolution of the Government of Ukraine “On Approval of the Procedure for the Voluntary Medical Examination of Persons Who Filed an Application for Marriage Registration” is in effect. A medical examination of persons who applied for registration of a marriage is conducted only at their request and in order to determine their state of health for the prevention of diseases that are dangerous to the spouses and their descendants. It is carried out in accordance with the list of types of medical examination of persons who have submitted an application for registration of marriage.

It is obligatory to:

get a consultation with a therapeutist, obstetrician-gynecologist, urologist and geneticist;

clinical and laboratory examination: general blood test, general urine test, blood sugar test, test for syphilis, HIV, chest x-ray, bacteriological and Pap test (for women), test for Urinary tract infection  (for men).

If there are indications, you have to get a consultation with doctors of other specialties, undergo additional types of clinical and laboratory examinations.

But, unfortunately, a few couples planning to get married, undergo medical examination. In order for this to become commonplace, it takes time. It’s about the mentality of our people in relation to their health and the health of the partner.

It is common knowledge that healthy children are born to healthy parents. This is even more relevant if there were birth defects in the family, or postpartum complications. Timely information on the pathology gives positive results in the future. One should not forget one important aspect – the right of the child to be born healthy. This right does not depend on the child itself and can only be realized if certain conditions are fulfilled by its parents, its family. No one of the listed is interested in violating this right and in the future the birth of a sick child. But birth defects, hereditary pathology, and intrauterine infections are the leading causes of miscarriages, stillbirths, mortality and morbidity of children in the first year of life.

So, for the birth of healthy children, in order to save the female health, to achieve harmony in the relationship between the spouses, in order to fulfill your dreams, it is necessary to plan the start of a family and the future pregnancy. And it can be done at our medical center.

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