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The birth of a child is a very important event in every woman’s life. However, in order for pregnancy to bring joy, a woman must be mentally and psychologically ready for motherhood, and also have no health problems that may harm the birth of a healthy child.

If, for some reason, the woman is not yet ready to become a mother, she needs to visit a gynecologist to pick up the appropriate method of contraception.

Such methods of contraception as the calendar method, the temperature method and the prevention of pregnancy through interrupted sexual intercourse are not sufficiently reliable. The most effective modern contraceptive methods are combined oral contraceptives and intrauterine contraceptive device.

The choice of method of contraception depends on a number of individual characteristics of each woman: her hormonal status, the presence of various diseases, age, physique, intensity of sexual life, and many other features.

Each method of contraception requires consultation with a specialist. The method of contraception that is not suitable for you may be ineffective, as well as cause various complications from the hormonal, urogenital, cardiovascular systems, gastrointestinal tract, and other organs and systems of the body.

It is impossible to choose contraception independently, since each method has its own contraindications and side effects.

Gynecologists and endocrinologists of the Clinic of Professor Stefan Khmil will help you to find the method of contraception that is right for you. From our gynecologists you can get complete information on contraception and make the right choice of contraceptives.

Modern oral contraceptives are very effective and safe provided that they are properly selected. In addition to their direct purpose – prevention of unwanted pregnancy, they have a number of positive effects: help to normalize the menstrual cycle, improve the condition of the skin, help to get rid of excessive hairiness.


Barrier methods

The most popular and widely used mechanical method of contraception is a condom. This method is practically harmless and completely protects against unwanted pregnancy and sexually transmitted diseases. Using a condom is available to everyone. Applying of this method is not only elementary and does not require special knowledge, but also points to the culture of sexual behavior of partners who care about each other’s health.

Barrier methods of contraception also include diaphragm. This method is used only by women. The diaphragm is inserted into the vagina and mechanically blocks the path of the sperm to the uterus. The selection of the diaphragm is done by the gynecologist individually for each woman, because the size of the inserted diaphragm depends on the size of the vagina.

Intrauterine contraceptives

Intrauterine devices (IUD)

Intrauterine device (IUD) with copper also known as “intrauterine coil”. Until recently, these means of preventing pregnancy were issued in the form of a spiral, so they got their name. Now it’s usually small plastic figures imitating the letter T, which are covered with a silver wire. They are placed in the cavity of the uterus. This does not cause any unpleasant sensations if it is placed in certain days of the menstrual cycle, which is discussed in advance with the doctor. Extracting of Intrauterine device is quite simple, with the help of thin threads that extend into the vagina.

This method of contraception is not suitable for all women. If there is an inflammation in the cavity of the uterus or the woman has never given birth, it is better to use another method. If there are no contraindications to the installation of Intrauterine device, no one can assume that the woman is 100% insured against unwanted pregnancy. In the first year and a half, the effect of this contraceptive is the most reliable, and after 3-4 years the effect is much smaller, after five years the intrauterine device needs to be changed.

Intrauterine devices (IUD) with progestogen

Intrauterine device (IUD) with progestogen is sold under the brand name Mirena. The use of this IUD is carried out by implanting gestagen from a special container with a hormone into the uterine cavity. This method has no side effects and causes a gradual cessation of ovulation, which makes pregnancy impossible. After the IUD is taken out of the uterus, the menstrual cycle is restored and the desired pregnancy can occur.

The method of using the “Mirena” system is intended when the conventional intrauterine coil can not be used because of inflammation and various pathologies. In such cases, this method of contraception can provide even a curative effect.

“Mirena” is recommended for women who have already given birth.

Progestogen-only pills (POP)

These drugs do not contain estrogens, the use of which gives rise to complications. They can be used even by women during breastfeeding. These pills should be taken continuously, any interruption of use may cause pregnancy.

Any hormonal contraceptives are prescribed by a doctor; you can not use a certain oral contraceptive just because they came to your friend. Organisms are different in women and that is why an individual approach to the choice of methods is required. You also need to know that if taking these dasgs stop menstruation, you should visit a doctor and do an ultrasound to rule out pregnancy.

The combined oral contraceptive pills (COCP)

If you want to be 100% sure that unwanted pregnancy will not occur, we can recommend this method of contraception. Do not be afraid of the word “hormones”, this is not what you should be afraid of. Combined oral contraceptives contain sex hormones that are most closely related to the natural hormones, but in order to avoid possible complications in the form of varicose veins and liver diseases, it is necessary to pass all analysis and to and to get a consultation with the gynecologist in advance.

And once again we want to remind you that no means can be assigned by yourself. All hormonal contraceptives are assigned on an individual basis.

Pills should be taken regularly. In this case, the body sets its own regime, and the effectiveness of the means is approaching one hundred percent.

Contraceptive patch

Contraceptive patch is used to prevent unwanted pregnancy. This is a very thin patch of about 20 cm in size. Its effect is the release of certain hormones in the blood that prevent ovulation, which makes pregnancy impossible.

The placement of the plaster does not matter. When all instructions are followed, its performance is quite high and can reach 99%.

The patch is very comfortable to use and rarely gives side effects that you can avoid by consulting your doctor in advance.


One can not but mention the method of contraception, such as sterilization. It can be done both for women and for men. This operation is irreversible and is carried out only by people who have children and are deliberately unwilling to give birth more. The method of sterilization is of little popularity, since most people find it difficult to decide on this operation.


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