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The medical laboratory of the medical center helps to choose the most effective method of treatment. An important basis for patient diagnostics is the information on the state of the patient’s body. This allows the doctor to understand more deeply the etiology and pathogenesis of the disease, or to identify pathological changes even before the symptoms.

Due to the automated laboratory diagnostic methods, productivity has increased many times: a modern laboratory can perform a study of hundreds of biological samples per day for many tens of indicators. About 90% of tests are performed by automatic analyzers and other high-tech devices.

Laboratory diagnostics is a progressive medical specialty that performs research on human biomaterials using morphological, biochemical, immunological, genetic, molecular biological, bacteriological, cytological, toxicological, virological and other methods.

The laboratory of The Clinic of Professor Stefan Khmil allows you to get results of the following tests:

♦ hormonal;
♦ immunological;
♦ cytological;
♦ cytogenetic;
♦ biochemical tests.

Many types of tests can be conducted in urgent mode (CITO!) For several hours.

We identified the main components of the Clinic of Professor Stefan Khmil:

♦ well-equipped laboratory;
♦ professional staff;
♦ high-quality diagnostics;
♦ service provided for the physician and patient.

If you have any questions regarding the rules or time of taking the material, the cost, terms of execution or you did not find the survey you need in the main list, you can learn about it by writing e-mail to us or by calling our clinic.

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