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Treatment of concomitant pathologies in pregnant women

Pregnancy is the most beautiful period in a woman’s life. It is known that healthy children are born to healthy parents. Therefore, for the first time a woman should contact the therapeutist before getting pregnant. Different diseases of the internal organs, even if they are not manifested clinically, can become serious obstacles in solving the question of the admissibility of pregnancy. There are several reasons why there are some contraindications, they can be divided into temporary and absolute ones.

When temporarily contraindicated, a woman will be able to feel the joy of motherhood, but after a certain period of time. This includes the aggravation of chronic and infectious diseases, the period of medical treatment. Also, it is not recommended in the postoperative period (during a year) to plan pregnancy, because, at this time, the organism is weak and must restore all the missing health. Another group is absolute contraindications. There are 60 somatic and 14 mental illnesses in which pregnancy is strictly forbidden. First and foremost, these are problems related to the work of the cardiovascular system, in particular, heart disease with marked decompensation of blood circulation, malignant arterial hypertension, that do not lend to medical correction, heart attack, transient ischemic attack. Pregnancy with such a pathology is associated not only with the risk to the health of the expectant mother, but also of the fetus. However, the final decision about the possibility of becoming pregnant and continuing the pregnancy is solved in each case individually.

If a woman is already pregnant, then according to the Ministry of Healthcare of Ukraine protocols, she should visit the therapeutist twice:

For the first time — up to 12 weeks in order to detect the presence of chronic diseases, to draw up a plan of observation of a woman, to determine the presence of contraindications for pregnancy.

The second time — at 30 weeks, when the woman begin the maternity leave.

However, taking into account the fact that every second woman suffers from some kind of concomitant diseases, the therapeutist with the obstetrician-gynecologist watches the pregnant woman from the moment of registration till the childbirth.

Among the therapeutic pathologies that are most commonly encountered by pregnant women is necessary to point out heartburn, edema, anemia, arterial hypertension, nephropathy, asymptomatic bacteriuria. Nothing should interfere with the joyful feeling of motherhood. But if you still have a problem with your health during your pregnancy, do not trust your neighbor’s advice, pharmacist or your own intuition. It is advisable to contact a therapeutist at the Clinic of Professor Stefan Khmil, who will prescribe the safest and most essential medications.

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