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One of the main clinical areas of the Clinic of Professor Stefan Khmil is the modern diagnostics and treatment of benign, precancerous and malignant diseases of the cervix.

Diseases of the cervix are the most common pathology among women of reproductive age. The pathology of the cervix develops in women of all ages.

Diseases of the cervix are divided into:

  • benign diseases (erosion and pseudoerosion of the cervix, leukoplakia and erythroplakia, various types of polyps, flat warts);
  • precancerous diseases of the cervix (dysplasia);
  • inflammatory diseases of the cervix (endocervitis, cervicitis).

If the benign and inflammatory diseases of the cervix are rarely malignizable, then precancerous diseases cause cancerous degeneration. Benign abnormal processes of the cervix are only a background and, if untimely and inadequate treatment occurs, the tumorous state of the epithelium occurs – dysplasia. Dysplasia refers to precancerous diseases.

Causes of the cervix deseases:

  • hormonal ovarian insufficiency
  • mechanical injuries (childbirth, abortion);
  • infectious diseases of the cervix and vagina;
  • disorders of immune status
  • genetic disorders.

Symptoms of cervical diseases

Diseases of the cervix, in most cases, occur asymptomatic, often occur against the background of other diseases of the reproductive system. Therefore, all women are advised to take prophylactic examinations twice a year from the gynecologist in order to detect the pathology of the cervix in a timely manner.

Diagnosis of diseases of the cervix

In the Clinic of Professor Stefan Khmil, a comprehensive diagnostic study is carried out, which allows to identify at an early stage the disease of the cervix:

  • colposcopy of the cervix
  • cytological examination
  • Histological examination of the cervical biopsy,
  • bacterioscopy
  • bacteriological study
  • analysis of sexually transmitted infections.


Treatment of pathology of the cervix is selected with an individual approach to each patient.

The clinic is equipped with unique equipment for the diagnostics and treatment of diseases of the cervix – a digital colposcope Leisegang (Germany) and a device of radio wave therapy “Surgitron” (USA).

Radiowave surgery is a unique contactless method for cutting and coagulating soft tissues using high frequency radio waves (3.8-4.0 MHz) on the Surgitron TM device (Ellman International, Inc., USA). This versatile technology has proven itself to be a highly effective and atraumatic method of treatment.

The technique of radiosurgery completely eliminates the thermal damage of the surrounding tissues, due to which:

  • Healing is much faster
  • the formation of scar tissue is minimal
  • Intraepidermal (superficial) formations are removed without any trace.

After radio waves, surgical manipulations do not have such unpleasant effects as pain, swelling, infection. Consolidated to zero risk of recurrence.

In the Clinic of Professor Stefan Khmil treatment of the underlying disease which leads to the formation of the pathological process of the cervix is carried out,  and the treatment of the associated inflammatory processes of the cervix and vagina.

During a year after treatment of benign diseases of the cervix, a woman should be under medical supervision (gynecological examination, colposcopy, cytological examination) of highly professional doctors.

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