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Postpartum rehabilitation

Postpartum rehabilitation

Birth of a child is the most important event for every woman. But almost always it entails a number of unpleasant consequences: on the thighs, abdomen and breasts  stretch marks appear, the breasts and abdomen sags, their skin becomes flabby.

Occasionally, as a result of pregnancy and childbirth, weakening and damage to the muscles and ligaments of the pelvis may occur. Such serious infringements entail such consequences as prolapse of the vagina and uterus. One can not but mention the problem, such as the expansion of the vagina, which can deprive the woman of pleasure in the sexual life, incontinence of urine.

Treatment in our clinic begins with a diagnostics, during which the muscle condition score is assessed by visualization and palpation. Doctors develop an individual complex of therapeutic measures aimed at restoring muscle and connective tissue functions. Our specialists will teach you exercises that can be performed at home, in order to strengthen the weakened muscles.


Postpartum problems that can be solved:

♦ violation of urination;

♦ incontinence of feces, gases;

♦ pain in the perineum;

♦ pelvic pain;

♦ vaginal wall prolapse;

♦ expansion of the vagina;

♦ anorgasmia


Methods of training and restoration of the pelvic muscles after childbirth:

  • Kegel exercises will help if you observed:


♦ involuntary urination during coughing, sneezing, physical activity;

♦ incomplete emptying of the bladder (urinary incontinence);

♦ incontinence of feces, gases.


Kegel’s exercises are necessary and can be performed during pregnancy and after childbirth to prevent the occurrence of pelvic prolapses. Such exercises can be useful for women with sexual dysfunctions, which have problems in achieving orgasm.


  • Biofeedback Therapy

Before the treatment, a diagnostics of pelvic muscles is performed using a vaginal manometer.

Biofeedback therapy is recommended for treatment:

♦ all types of urinary incontinence;

♦ incontinence of feces, gases;

♦ vaginal wall prolapse;

♦ chronic pelvic pain;

♦ sexual disorders.


During the therapy, a special sensor is inserted into the vagina or rectum, and special electrodes are fixed on the anterior abdominal wall. These electrodes receive electrical signals from the muscles. The patient should contract and relax muscles according to the physician’s team. Electrical signals are displayed on the computer.

Biofeedback Therapy in combination with Kegel’s exercises is effective at 77% -87% for the treatment of urinary incontinence.


  • Electrostimulation of the pelvic muscles


♦ Increased muscle tone and improved pelvic muscle circulation.

♦ it affects the quality of sexual life of women, helps to achieve “vaginal orgasm”

♦ the result of the treatment after 2-3 weeks after starting treatment.

♦ Helps to avoid surgical interventions in the treatment of prolapse and urinary incontinence.

♦ Safe and easy treatment.

♦ Significantly affects the feeling of men during sexual intercourse.



♦ Increased muscle tone, which leads to a narrowing of the sexual pass

♦ With increased muscle tone, blood filling in the genital organs increases, which causes increased sensitivity in erogenous zones.

♦ The presence of trained pelvic muscles and the ability to control them allows to diversify the sexual life.


  • Vaginal balls, cones

Vaginal balls and cones are designed for muscle training. These are two or more balls that are connected in series, made of latex, rubber, plastic.



♦ incontinence of urine in women of the elderly and post-menopausal age.

♦ Frequent inflammatory diseases of the genitourinary system..

♦ Sexual disharmony and anorgasm.

♦ Restoration of vaginal muscle elasticity.

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