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Accompaniment of pregnancy

Conducting an examination during pregnancy is important for both the woman and the child, since it enables them to detect and prevent the complications that may occur during pregnancy in a timely manner. The doctor who accompaniment a pregnancy will tell when and what tests to pass.

During pregnancy, pay special attention to your health, as you lay the foundations for your child’s future life.

Complications during pregnancy are possible, but you should not be afraid of them. Some of them are easy to handle. Necessarily talk to your doctor about, listen to yourself and take the necessary examinations!

In order to prevent complications associated with placental attachment, placement of fetus and premature delivery, it is important to regularly attend a doctor and follow his appointments, as well as monitor your own health.

A pregnancy monitoring program is offered to women who understand the importance of professional supervision of the future baby’s development.

The purpose of our cooperation is the birth of a healthy child and the preservation of mother’s health. However, pregnancy will definitely change the work of your internal organs, as they will have to work for two. Therefore, observation during pregnancy is absolutely necessary even in the case when the pregnancy itself proceeds without complications.

Accompaniment of a pregnancy in the Clinic of Professor Stefan Khmil begins with the moment of establishing the fact of pregnancy and continues until childbirth. At the end of the postpartum period (45 days from the moment of delivery) an examination of the woman in the clinic and the doctor’s consultation are conducted.

During pregnancy monitoring, there are compulsory tests and examinations that are required for all future mothers, as well as individual examinations that are prescribed by the doctor as needed.

Remember that during pregnancy there are no unimportant questions. Do not delay a visit to a doctor if you are worried about something.


It is especially important to pay attention to your HEALTH, IF:

  • you are more than 35 years old;
  • expecting several kids at once;
  • abnormalities of genital development are revealed;
  • there were complications with previous pregnancy;
  • endocrine disorders, such as diabetes mellitus or chronic diseases have been detected;
  • you have had surgery on the abdominal cavity;
  • your body was exposed to harmful substances (alcohol, tobacco, narcotic substances);
  • detected existing TORCH infections;
  • You have experienced severe physical or mental stress.

The program for monitoring pregnancy in the Clinic of Professor Stefan Khmil – is a comprehensive supervision of the health of mother and future child by a highly qualified obstetrician-gynecologist in close cooperation with doctors of narrow specialties.

The monitoring program for a pregnant woman is developed taking into account the requirements of the Ministry of Healthcare of Ukraine. After the primary examination of the pregnant woman by her obstetrician-gynecologist the woman is given an exchange card of the prescribed sample, as well as an individual card for pregnant women.

A doctor at the time of registration of leave due to pregnancy and childbirth is guided by «The procedure for issuing a disability certificate and a certificate of appointment of state aid associated with pregnancy and childbirth» (Orders of the Ministry of Healthcare of Ukraine dated November 13, 2001, No. 455 “On Approval of the Instruction on the Procedure for Issuing Documents proving the Temporary Disability of Citizens”, and No. 93 of March 18, 2002 “On Approval of Forms of Accounting Documents Regarding the Purpose of State Assistance due to pregnancy and maternity for women who are not insured in the system of compulsory state social insurance, and instructions for their filling “).

All diagnostic tests are performed by highly qualified doctors and coordinated by your individual obstetrician-gynecologist. Taking into account your personal characteristics and state of health, your personal physician will provide all the necessary recommendations regarding daily routine, exercise and nutrition, terms and conditions of possible travellings, and you will have the opportunity to receive a telephone consultation with a doctor of our clinic during the entire period of the Program.

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