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Surrogacy is one of the infertility treatment methods in which embryos are obtained in the in vitro fertilization cycle and transferred to a woman’s uterus, which is not genetically linked to these embryos, for further development and birth of the baby. In the cycle of surrogacy, the egg cell of the genetic mother (wife) is fertilized with the sperm of the father (husband) and transferred to the uterus of the surrogate mother.


♦ absence of the uterus (congenital or acquired);
♦ deformation of the cavity or cervix in case of birth defects or as a result of diseases in which it is impossible to be pregnant;
♦ synechiae of the uterus which are not exposed to therapy;
♦ severe somatic diseases, in which pregnancy can endanger future health, but does not affect the health of the future child;
♦ unsuccessful repeated attempts of ART in repeatedly receiving embryos of high quality, the transfer of which does not lead to the onset of pregnancy.

Surrogacy in Ukraine is absolutely lawful and governed by the current Family Code of Ukraine and a number of other normative acts. You can freely realise your rights to parenthood and maternity in Ukraine. Article 123, paragraph 2, of the Family Code of Ukraine establishes the origin of the child in the application of artificial insemination methods and clearly identifies the parents of a child , born by the surrogate mother,- a married couple who provided their gametes (sex cells) and used the services of surrogacy. Paragraph 3 of the same article stipulates the possibility of using donor oocytes in IVF by the married couple, in which case the embryo will in any case be considered to be derived from the marriage. In addition, the issue of surrogancy is regulated by the Order of the The Ministry of Healthcare of Ukraine “On approval of the Instruction on the procedure for the use of assisted reproductive technologies” dated 23.12.2008. No. 771 (further – Order No. 771), registered with The Ministry of Justice of Ukraine on March 20, 2009, No. 263/16279. The married couple who have agreed to the use of assisted reproductive technologies, fully enjoy parental rights and responsibilities in relation to children born as a result of the use of these techniques.

Requirements for candidates for surrogacy:

♦ women aged 20 to 38;
♦ presence of own, healthy children;
♦ physically and psychologically healthy;
♦ No harmful habits.

“The clinic of Professor Stefan Khmil” deals exclusively with medical aspects of surrogacy.

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