The Clinic of Professor Stefan Khmil – Клініка Стефана Хміля

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The Clinic of Professor Stefan Khmil


The world is built on love. It couldn’t be more true when you meet the man of your life. When you do, you want your child’s smile to shine upon the world like rays of happiness. Unfortunately, there are the cases that in this place infertility happens. But not fear, our medical team offers the best of solutions.

Modern approaches to the diagnostics and treatment of infertility are based on knowledge of the fundamental principles of the reproductive system of the woman, which tends to reduce reproductive capacity and ability to conceive a healthy baby with age. In this connection, infertility treatment should be carried out using modern methods that have proven the effectiveness at the present time.

If treatment is already over one year, methods with low efficacy (e.g., clomiphene citrate, physiotherapy, etc.) should not be used, and use the methods with proven high efficacy (induction of ovulation with gonadotropins, artificial insemination, IVF, etc.).

In the medical center ” the Clinic of Professor Stefan Khmil” it is offered: the doctors with a high level of professional training and many years of practical and scientific experience; modern medical and laboratory equipment that meets the world standards and allows us to fully realize the professional potential of our specialists; receiving complex services in one medical center; individual approach to each patient; confidentiality guarantee.

 In the clinic, patients can receive a highly qualified consultation with the reproductive specialists, undergo the necessary examinations to find out the causes of infertility. The treatment method is chosen individually for each family, therefore, a serious approach to the diagnostics of infertility allows us to consider this problem and to carry out an accurate analysis of the reproductive properties of the man and woman.



The main purpose of the Medical Center is to do all the best that every woman can feel the happiness of motherhood, who seeks help from our specialists. Reproductive specialists of our clinic devote a lot of efforts and technologies in order to achieve the desired results and they make everything for married couples to feel parenthood.

Infertility treatment is carried out using modern methods that have proved effectiveness, among which are used: ovulation induction , intrauterine insemination, IVF (IVF + ICSI), oocyte donation, surrogacy.

The department of the reproductive medicine includes the embryology laboratory for IVF (IVF + ICSI), freezing (cryopreservation) and storage of embryos, egg cells and sperm.

One of the necessary and most informative stages of patient examination is laboratory testing. Our laboratory is wide-profile and equipped with the most advanced analytical equipment. Many types of examinations can be done in the urgent mode (CITO!)  within several hours.

 The medical center “the Clinic of Professor Stefan Khmil” provides the opportunity for each family that faces the problem of infertility, a chance to eliminate it. With the use of modern assisted reproductive technologies, the possibility of pregnancy for a woman grows in tens or even hundreds of times. So, do not be disappointed and staying alone with the problem, but turn to highly skilled professionals who will help to achieve the desired.

The medical center ” The Clinic of Professor Stefan Khmil” was awarded with an honorary diploma of the Ukrainian Association of Reproductive Medicine for making the significant contribution to the development and implementation of techniques of assisted reproductive technologies in Ukraine, many years of fruitful work and high professionalism. The Clinic of Professor Stefan Khmil meets the requirements of DSTU (“Derzhavni Standarty Ukrainy, DSTU” in Ukrainian means “State Standards of Ukraine”) ISO 9001: 2009 “Quality Management Systems. Requirements “, the finalist of the All-Ukrainian competition of quality of products (goods, services) – “100 best goods of Ukraine 2011”, winner at the regional level in the category “Services” (medical and multidisciplinary diagnostic services).


(Українська) На обліку перебувала дружина. Усе дуже зручно, всі аналізи одразу на місці, всі лікарі поруч. Прийом відбувається по запису. Всюди чисто та охайно. Обслуговування відбувається по контракту, гроші оплачуються в касу і потім немає ніяких доплат. Привітний персонал.

(Українська) Василь Михалюк

(Українська) Ми самі з міста Рівне, довго лікувалися у нашому діагностичному центрі, поки випадково одна жіночка не порадила клініку Хміля, після першого прийому повірила, що можу нарешті завагітніти- за 9 років лікування не зустрічала такого професійного лікаря як професор Хміль! Прийшлося 2,5 місяці регулярно поїздити в клініку, як результат- наш найкращий у світі синочок Марко! дякую професору і всім дівчатам з клініки, які стали як рідні!

(Українська) Ирина Шевцова

(Українська) Дуже приємно, що у Тернополі є клініка такого високого європейського рівня. Задоволені всім: і якістю послуг, і уважністю персоналу. Були тут двічі: зверталась дружина на консультації, а потім записала і мене на УЗД . І відтепер раджу всім знайомим та друзям.


(Українська) ІЛЛЯ ХМАРОВ

(Українська) Веденням вагітності задоволена на 100%. Грамотне спостереження і лікування. Кожного прийому перевіряють стан навколоплідних вод і плода. Ніякого стресу для вагітної (що дуже важливо!), привітний персонал. Дуже задоволена, що спостерігалась саме цими спеціалістами!

(Українська) Оленка Коваль

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