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It is also obvious that women who become mothers of more mature age take more intelligent decisions while being parents. They are more predisposed to breastfeeding and, according to one recent study, eat more healthy food.

It’s wise to wait with the birth of a child from a financial point of view. According to one study: “Women who work for many years before giving birth to a child usually leave their maternity leave earlier. They have a stronger relationship with the employer and it’s easier for them to go back to part-time employment if they want to, rather than leave the labor market at all. “

Or you have been trying to get pregnant for several years, asking for help from many clinics and specialists.

A woman may have many reasons why she becomes a mother at one age or another. But, one should not forget that the state of health deteriorates over the years, and it will be difficult not only to give birth, but also to restore your health after delivery.

Family psychologists believe that the best time for a baby – between 27 and 33 years. However, they also see a number of benefits to couples who are in no hurry to give birth to children. “Parents after 35 are often more attentive to their children than young parents, they had plenty of time to travel and gain a rich life experience.”

You may have postponed your pregnancy for professional or personal reasons, or simply because you were not psychologically ready. Undoubtedly, now your chances of getting pregnant are much less than a few years ago. After 45, according to experts, it is almost impossible to get pregnant without medical assistance.

Over the last 15 years, the number of women who gave birth to the first child between the ages of 30 and 39 has doubled. And the number of moms older than 40 years has increased by 50%. It is indisputable that it would be impossible without the help of modern medicine achievements, without IVF.

Each girl is born with a certain stock of egg cells (about a million). But by the time of the first menstruation, their number is reduced to about 500,000. By the age of 25, the number of egg cells becomes one half less. This, of course, is not a catastrophe, but, unfortunately, a certain stock of egg cells decreases every year. To this is added a qualitative factor: a certain number of cells can no longer be fertilized.

Eggs get old and get less fertile with age. Also, the number of chronic diseases and sexually transmitted infections increases. So the probability of pregnancy decreases.

According to medical indications it is considered that the first child should be born at the age of 25. But many women do not feel emotional readiness for it. Often women reach emotional maturity after 30.

Most representatives of the fair sex believe: if a woman over 35 years old feels healthy, then her chances to have a healthy baby are almost the same as at the age of twenty. However, this is not quite the case. Many women suffer from chronic diseases with age, and pregnancy occurs often with complications. After all, pregnancy is a serious test for all organs and systems.

James Goldfarb claims that for 30 years of his practice, he has never met a woman who became pregnant after 46 years old by her own egg. “It’s like a lottery, – he says, – someone always wins. But you should not rely on what you will be next time.”

Using a donor egg significantly increases the chances of getting pregnant.

Another disadvantage is a complication during pregnancy. After 35 you are more prone to such problems as high blood pressure and diabetes during pregnancy, placental problems and complications during childbirth. Women after 35 are at greater risk of giving birth to a premature baby and the benefit is given to a Caesarean section. Stillbirths also occurs more often in women who give birth at a more mature age. And studies show that children born to more mature mothers have a higher risk of inherited diseases due to changes in the number or structure of the chromosomes. And do not forget about your partner, age may also affect his fertility too. Although men are able to conceive and after 60, and even after 70 years old, with age deteriorates the quality of sperm and increases the risk of genetic defects. Recent clinical trials have found correlation between father’s age and genetic abnormalities.

All these disadvantages are frustrating, but remember that some women also get pregnant after 40. Many of them have no complications during pregnancy and give birth to healthy children. In addition, although mature mothers are at increased risk of developing complications during pregnancy, this risk continues to be relatively low.

In the Clinic of Professor Stefan Khmil women seek medical assistance even at a much older age than 35 and we help them become mothers.  By the experience, our specialists are obliged to warn women about their risks. Of course, doctors will do their utmost to minimize them.

We can advise you to give birth, when there is still a lot of strength. If it so happened that the opportunity and conscious desire to give birth to a child came to you at 35 years old or more – first of all, take care of your health and healthy lifestyle.

You should:

  • pass a complex of examinations to eliminate infectious diseases and general pathology of organs;
  • eat properly;
  • play sports;
  • break your bad habits.

Today, there are many effective treatments that allow a woman to get pregnant at a later age. Although the efficacy of IVF decreases after 35 years, your chances of success with donor eggs are still high. For a woman after 40 who uses a donor egg of a young woman, the risk of chromosomal defects corresponds to the age of the donor woman.

If you are 35 or over and within six months you can not get pregnant on your own, do not despair. Please seek help from the Clinic of Professor Stefan Khmil. And, whether you are 35 or 45 years old, and whether the pregnancy has come by using your or donor eggs, the main thing – it is desirable.


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