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School of responsible parenthood

Dear parents

We are glad to inform you that the Clinic of Professor Khmil,  (Stadnikova Str. 9) initiates the project “the Responsible Parenthood School”. Every week you will find interesting for you topics, presentations, video materials and practical lessons on prenatal training with the leading doctors of the center

If you are expecting a baby, then we invite you to attend school of motherhood:

* Do you want to know what happens to your body during pregnancy?
* Are you dreaming about natural and light childbirths?
* Do you want to breastfeed your baby?
* Do not you know how to properly take care of a child?
* Do you want to know how to support physical activity during pregnancy?

Qualified professionals will help you with this!

Classes are conducted by groups of 4-5 people. Preliminary registration by phone 097 7 40 42 00, or by the administrator.

What is the Responsible Parenthood School?

Pregnancy is a very responsible period in the life of each family. After all, changes occur not only in the body of the future mother, but also in family relationships: everyone is waiting for the appearance of a small person, and an unborn baby – for a long-awaited meeting with parents.

During the waiting period for the birth of a child, the woman feels the most pleasant feeling, but a lot of fears comes before the childbirth. In most cases, it is related to the fact that a young woman does not know how to behave at the moment of the child’s appearance on the world.

For the physical and psychological readiness of the future mother for such an important event in her life, the Clinic of Professor Stefan Khmil organizes the “Responsible Parenthood School” for pregnant women. Such classes provide all the necessary knowledge about childbirth, help to overcome certain fears, give positive emotions and new acquaintances.

Who can attend the courses of our School?

Each woman is individual, she feels a wide range of emotions and has different experiences. Therefore, childbirth training courses are suitable for those who:

  • Wants to be prepared for the appearance of his baby;
  • Wants to be responsible and competent parents who know how to care for a baby from the very first day of appearance of the baby;
  • Wants for to take part in the proces of childbirth as a partner and wants to understand the role and importance of assistance at childbirth;
  • Wants to give birth to a baby, but not confident in her strength and doesn’t know a lot;
  • For those who want to structure and understand the information about childbirth which they had sometime somewhere once heard
  • Has an unlucky experience but wants to try again.

Classes at the Responsible Parenthood School are held twice a week, Monday and Thursday. The main task of the School is to prepare a spouse for the most important event in their lives – the birth of a child. From qualified professionals, you will receive information on how a new life develops in the womb, what foods you should eat that the baby would be healthy, how to properly prepare for childbirth, how to use contraceptives after childbirth, how to care for a child in the first year of life. You will also have the opportunity to watch movies about pregnancy, childbirth, child care.

Future parents will get practical skills besides theoretical knowledge. For example, we teach future mothers physical exercises to help to prepare the muscles of the body for childbirth, which stances and breathing techniques reduce the pain during uterine contraction, we conduct rehearsing about what a partner has to do to help a woman at a crucial moment. Also, with the help of dolls, future mothers are shown how to feed a child correctly.

Classes in “The Responsible Parenthood School ” will help you to live a responsible and difficult period confidently, feeling the joy of each new day. The support in such a wonderful period and mood in mothers and expectant mothers is our goal. Create the best possible conditions for your child to get the best material for growth and development. Give for your little baby the crumb of unconditional love and boundless ocean of tenderness and care, it will surely thank you for this in the future.

Allow yourself this luxury – comfortable childbirth and happy parenthood !

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